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  Tips for Parents  
Here are some pointers to assist parents during the enrolment and transition stages.


If a vacancy exists or should become available, you will be notified accordingly if you are on our Wait list.

The following will be required at the time of enrolment:

  1. Child’s Personal Information Record which will be kept confidential.
  2. Child’s immunisation record.
  3. Parent’s Authorisation for alternative guardians and emergency contacts.

You will receive a Letter for New Parents providing additional information on our centre.

Once accepted, we encourage parents to attend an Orientation Night prior to your child starting with us to familiarise yourself with our policies.   We also invite you to Parent-Teacher Get-togethers to allow you to get more acquainted with our staff.

The Forms required are available in our Forms section on this website.


See our Fees section.   Don’t forget that a two-week security deposit or bond is required as a security deposit and is payable upon enrolment. This will be refunded at the completion of your child’s attendance.   To withdraw your child from the Centre, please note that we require two (2) weeks prior notice in writing.


Your child’s health is our primary concern and we provide nutritional meals suitable for growing children.

Our menus are especially prepared by our cook, based on the book, “Caring For Children Food, Nutrition & Fun Activities”.  Meals are rotated over a four week cycle and include:

  • A light breakfast served between 7:00 am to 8:30am.
  • Morning and afternoon teas which consist of a nutritional snack and drink.
  • A hot meal and dessert is served for lunch.

Lollies, chips, chocolates or gums are considered as junk food and should not be brought in. You may send a birthday cake without any nuts for your child. We are a Nut - free centre (Nut- Free Policy is in place.)

Our daily menu is displayed at the foyer at all times.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Important:  Be sure to inform us if your child has any allergies or food restrictions.


Every child reacts differently to new situations.  We suggest that you let your child bring in their favourite toy, blanket, or any comforter to connect them to their homes and to help them in settle in sooner.

We understand how you feel about your child’s early days with us.  You can stay with your child for some time and feel free to ring the Centre at any time during the day if you feel you need to check on how your child is doing.


For the Children’s safety, all Children MUST be signed IN and OUT on the attendance logs daily.  You must provide us with the names of other family members who are authorized to pick your child on your behalf or for notification in case of emergency.  Your child will not be released to any person who is not listed on the Record of Personal Information.  And be sure to collect your child before 6:00pm.

Please note that as per government requirements, HNB is required to lodge these daily attendance forms with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).


Please ensure that your child is dressed comfortably and appropriately according to the season and weather conditions.  Make sure you pack an extra set of clothes for them in case they get dirty or for those unexpected drips.


We have a policy to exclude children who have not been immunized; who may be regarded as a health risk to others; or who are not well enough to participate fully in the day’s activities.

Keep your child at home if he/she has fever, cough, runny nose, cold sores or diarrhea or any other illness which may affect the wellbeing of others.

Any medication brought in for the child must be fully and properly labeled with the child’s name.  You also need to provide instructions (dosages and frequency) by completing the medication form.  Give the medicine and the form to the staff.  Do not leave medication in your child’s bag.

Form No. 3 - Medical form is available in the Forms section of this website.


Children are encouraged to have a little nap or just rest during the day. The duration of the nap is dependent upon the child's individual needs. Quiet activities are provided for children who are non-sleepers.


Staff and families share the common goal of positive outcomes for children. They benefit most when this is a trusting and mutually supportive partnership. You are encouraged to attend Orientation & Get – together Nights, Parent- Teacher Conferences and other events organised by the Centre.

Likewise, you are also invited to read a story, serve meals, join in music and movement experiences, teach a song in your language or any skill you may want to share with the children.  Family members are welcome to visit the Centre provided prior notice is given.


Right next to the main door is a section; we call "Parents' Corner" where you will find the Centre's policies, special notices, as well as publications and magazines on early childhood issues, parenting and child care concerns.

If you would like to borrow any of the publications to read at home, please advise any of the staff members on duty so that they may fill in a Borrower's Book form which will require your signature. Please also ensure they are returned that others may also be able to read them.


We try our best to maintain a healthy environment for the children in our care.

We maintain clean and hygienic surroundings. We have also taken the necessary steps to make sure that our centre is secure, safe and definitely child-proof.

We ensure that all food given to the children are of nutritional value. In this regard, we do not allow junk food and follow a "nut-free" policy.

Please also note the HNB CENTRE IS A SMOKE- FREE zone. This includes the car park.