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We don’t want to talk about ourselves, so here’s what other parents have to say about their experience with us.

What do you see as the strengths of the Service?

From Aaron's Mum : Children learn different things all the time and are happy with everything.

From Carlos' Mum: The Service has a friendly environment . Parents are much involved and very appreciative of the quality of care and education.

From the Mum of Samira and Bassim both enrolled in the Service: The Service record everyday what activities the children did for the day and take photos of  their activities which means I know what my kids did during the day. It is a very organised Service and is clean. I can always recommend the Service to anybody and it does a great job in looking after my kids.

From the Dad of Christian: It is the Educators' kindness towards the children and their patience.

From the Mum of Stephanie: It's the way the Staff respect and understand the children.

From the Mum of Wenson : It's looking after the children with love and affection. I am very happy with the Service.

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