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    Child's Personal Information Record
This form provides us the necessary information about your child.  It helps us better understand and relate to your child.  You MUST also provide us with the contact person and details in case of emergency, and the names of persons authorized to pick up your child on your behalf.  Return completed form to the Management of HNB Child Care Centre.
    Parent's Authorisation – General
General authorisation form required for special activities.  Return the signed form to Management.
    Parents Authorisation - Medication
Please provide in detail any medication instructions, including dosages and frequency required for implementation by our staff.  Return the completed form to Management.
    Expression of Interest for Wait List
Return completed form to the Management of HNB Child Care Centre and you will be notified once availability exists.

Child Rebate Benefit Form
To obtain this form simply click on the link below

Please note that this form is required if you are claiming for the Child Care Benefit from the Family Assistance at Centrelink; or if you require a tax rebate.
The completed form must be returned to:

Family Assistance Department
Centrelink, NSW
Tel.  13 51 60

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need assistance.

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The following links are provided should you require additional information regarding your child/children.

Parent Information
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